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Pawn shops help customers everywhere sell and purchase luxury goods. Trusted luxury pawn shops may seem hard to come by. That’s why at A-OK Pawn & Jewelry, we offer customers a safe and trusted environment to sell or buy items ranging from gold jewelry to luxury timepieces.

Buy, Sell, Trade, Pawn or Loan your Luxury Items at A-OK Pawn

A-OK Pawn & Jewelry in Wichita, KS, provides a convenient and professional pawning experience for selling or purchasing luxury goods. This way, the experience is simple and straightforward. Continue reading to explore what sort of items we acquire and sell at A-OK Pawn & Jewelry so you can take advantage of our seamless services. 

Why pawn your luxury items?

There are numerous reasons people decide to go to pawn shops. Maybe you want to own a beautiful high-end watch, a sought-after piece of gold jewelry, or a designer handbag. Going to a pawn shop to purchase these items is the best way to get an incredible deal without compromising on the quality of these desired luxury goods.

In addition to a great alternative way to buy authentic designer and high-end items, pawn shops are the perfect place to safely get rid of your gently used or previously worn luxury goods for a valid price. At A-OK Pawn & Jewelry, we help you sell your assets for a fair price so you can take the profits and purchase a new personal piece that will revamp your style. Below is a comprehensive list of some of the items we sell and acquire at A-OK Pawn & Jewelry. 


High-end and designer jewelry is a hot commodity at most pawn shops for good reasons. These designers and brands like Cartier, Pandora, Tiffany & Co, and Dior care greatly about creating timeless and stunning pieces that are both beautiful and made from quality materials. 

At A-OK Pawn & Jewelry, we sell and acquire these luxury jewelry brands and more. So, if you’re in the market for a new classic piece, you can count on us to provide quality brands that are sure to impress and bring a level of elegance to your outfits.  


Diamonds are one of the most lavish and sought-after gemstones. This also means that diamonds do not come at a low price and are often very highly marked up due to society’s importance on diamond jewelry, especially rings. 

With this information in mind, it makes sense that customers may want to peruse pawn shops for diamond jewelry to find something a tad less expensive than a traditional jeweler may offer without compromising the quality. 

Furthermore, it’s a wise idea to pawn or sell diamonds for quick cash especially if this piece of high-end diamond jewelry is unwanted or unused.


Real gold jewelry never goes out of style. In fact, in recent years, gold has experienced a resurgence in popularity. Better yet, gold is much more affordable at pawn shops than jewelry stores. Plus, you’re giving a secondhand a new life and getting a solid gold piece you can wear forever.

At A-OK Pawn & Jewelry, you can also expect to receive a fair price when selling your valuable gold items with our team.

Coins & Bullion

A-OK Pawn & Jewelry, we do not just give quick cash for jewelry. We also sell and acquire silver and gold coins and bullion. Since gold is affected by inflation, selling to a pawn shop for a reasonable rate is a great way to get a quick cash return on your original investment. 

Designer Handbags, wallets, & Watches

If you have always dreamed of owning a luxury brand but can’t afford to pay full price, looking for a luxury pawn shop near me is the perfect option. Luxury goods pawn shops pawn luxury goods to customers like you, so you don’t have to skimp on brand or quality.

At A-OK Pawn & Jewelry, we carry name-brand watches like Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Patek, and more. Additionally, we have luxury handbags and wallets from designers like Louis Vuitton, Coach, Burberry, Hermes, and Dooney & Bourke.

On the other side, maybe you are looking for a place to pawn luxury goods near me. If you want to pawn luxury items for quick cash, A-OK Pawn & Jewelry can help you get quick cash compensation for your designer watches, wallets, and bags. This way, you can take the cash and use it towards a new luxury brand-name item you’ve been eyeing. 

Vintage Items

Sometimes, vintage items are worth more than used condition items due to their unique nature and ageless appearance. At A-OK Pawn & Jewelry, we carry new, used, and vintage items for various goods to customers. 

More often than not, vintage pieces are highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors who pay even more than new condition just to have the vintage flare. So, if you have valuable vintage luxury pieces, let a pawnbroker assess the items. This way, they can provide a reasonable and confidential trade-in value or loan amount on your vintage luxury item.

Cash Loans and Layaways on Luxury Items

There are pawn shops for luxury item loans so customers can get their desired items without paying 100% upfront. Since some luxury items are quite costly, A-OK Pawn & Jewelry offers cash loans on luxury goods so you can gradually pay off your luxury item without breaking the bank. 

These pawn cash loans are sort of like layaway. When a special item catches your eye, you can sign up for our unique layaway, where you pay a 10% down payment and pay off the item over the course of ten months.

Confidential Private Loans

If you need money fast, then consider pawn shops for luxury asset loans. Our confidential system of pawn loans helps you get money without jumping through hoops. Typically, when you apply for a loan or take out large sums of cash with a standard financial entity, you must pass credit checks and complete paperwork. 

However, with our pawn loans, we can provide immediate cash funds when you contact our team. Simply bring in the specific item that you want cash for so we can assess it and provide the funds through a loan that matches the item value. 

If you accept the loan value, we will store the item for you until the loan is repaid. This type of collateral-based loan is a great way to cash fast.

All the while, rest assured that at A-OK Pawn & Jewelry, our pawnbrokers keep all loan transactions confidential.

Get Started with Trusted Wichita, KS, Pawnbrokers Today

No matter your budget or style, at A-OK Pawn & Jewelry, we specialize in buying and selling luxury items, including watches, diamonds, jewelry, luxury handbags and wallets, gold, silver, and more. 

You can count on our brokers to provide exceptional service for buying, selling, or loaning your goods. At the heart of A-OK Pawn & Jewelry, we carefully inspect all items to ensure you receive items for top dollar. On the other hand, we also ensure a fair and high rate when selling your valued items.

For a locally owned and operated pawn shop with great deals and a wide range of luxury items, trust A-OK Pawn & Jewelry. Reach out to a team member of A-OK Pawn & Jewelry today at (316) 529-8901 or (316) 440-7445 for the premier luxury goods pawn shop in Wichita, KS.

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